Spend your time applying and not searching for scholarships!!  We will do the work for you!!

Matching Scholarships with Students!

My Scholarship Key is providing a unique service that is here to help you find  Scholarships For College.  Searching for scholarships is very tedious and overwhelming not to mention time consuming. You can spend hours of time looking for scholarships and come up empty handed. The My Scholarship Key system utilizes an integrated series of software tools which collect, assess and rank scholarship criteria and student data. Spend your time applying and not searching for scholarships . We will do the work for you all you need to do is apply. 

  •   Hand-picked scholarships based on your application profile

  •   Underutilized scholarships that have a low number of applicants and a better chance to be awarded. 

  •   $25 monthly subscription fee to get personalized service 

  •   All questions can be sent through our contact page or by calling (860) 799-4225

Our goal is to help you find well matched scholarship opportunities through a streamlined, hands-on search process conducted by us. We have children in college so we know how hard it is to fund a college education. The expected family contribution is often a stretch. When we started looking at scholarship funding for our children there were so many choices, many of them irrelevant, some hard to find and it was very time-consuming. We are providing a  truly unique service and we feel that it is a shame for a child to not be able to attend their school of choice and are here to help in every way that we can.  We look forward in helping you make your dreams come true.  

Bridget Schrenkel
My Scholarship Key
Founder and President