/secure/images/gallery1/62-02JLkbqFCW46.jpgHello my name is Bridget and I am the owner and operator of My Scholarship Key. I am the mother of two children who are now both in college. I remember attending my first scholarship night at the high school and realizing how much money is out there in scholarships and grants as long as you are willing to search for it. I found myself spending the better part of my weekends searching for scholarships for both of my children. I was very successful in matching my children with scholarships that fit their exact criteria and they were being awarded scholarships which definitely helped pay for their school.

While doing this research over the past few years I have been building a database that has thousands upon thousands of scholarships in it. I was being approached by numerous people that I know to help them search for scholarships for their children. After helping quite a few people in my home town find scholarships for their child, I decided to open my own company. And with that My Scholarship Key was created.

There are plenty of scholarship websites out there that are free. However, most of the websites have duplicated information on them and you will find that you are spending a lot of time making sure you are not doing duplicated work. There is also the Pre-Requisite that comes with every scholarship. You will also find that some of the scholarships that are emailed to you from these sites will have a pre-requisite that rules you out from applying. Besides the scholarships on these websites, there are thousands upon thousands of scholarships that are out there that do not appear on these sites. That is where I come in. My database contains scholarships that are very hard to find. I guess the big question is how much is your time worth? You would hire someone to mow your lawn or clean your house. So, why not hire someone to find these hard to find scholarships that many years go unclaimed only due to the fact that they are so hard to find.

My Scholarship Key will provide you a list of scholarships and their applications. You will be responsible to fill out and apply for each of the scholarships on your own. This is because a lot of times these scholarships require private information like Social Security Numbers, Gross Income, Etc. My Scholarship Key will never ask for this information nor should you ever give this type of information out to an organization. When you are awarded scholarships the funds will go either directly to you or your choice college or university. 

By signing up today you will be saving hours upon hours of time searching with so many times not getting any results for your efforts. My Scholarship Key is here to help you find scholarships that fit your exact profile. We create a customized scholarship packet just for you or your child.

There are scholarships available for students aged 7 on up. There are also scholarships out there for all levels of higher education right on into graduate school. One question we always get “Is it too late to apply for a scholarships for this year?” The answer is simple. NO. It is never too late. There are scholarships that are available all year long.

So don’t delay. Apply now!! You won’t be sorry you did and you will get your weekends back to do something much more enjoyable than searching for scholarships. I look forward to helping you.

Bridget Schrenkel

My Scholarship Key