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Free Your Future. Apply for Scholarships.
Date : 07/31/2017

Where do see yourself in your twenties?

Do you want to create art and music? Maybe you want to build a business as an entrepreneur or startup employee. How about working for an non-profit or teaching? Maybe you want to travel the world.

Saved By Scholarships
Date : 07/10/2017

You feel elated after having been accepted into your dream school.

Unfortunately, the feeling is short-lived. Your parents can’t pay for it, and the school refuses to give you enough aid. Backed into a claustrophobic corner, your only choice is to dive into debt with student loans…

Thankfully, you have another option.

Good Advice #3
Date : 03/28/2016

42 Helpful Tips 

1. Always go to class. A lot of bloggers will debate this one, but I think it’s essential. You never know when the professor will drop a crucial test hint, or give out extra credit for attendance.....

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Date : 03/20/2016

Get Organized

Go to all orientations. Do you really need to go on yet another campus tour? Yes. The faster you learn your way around campus — and around all the red tape — the more at ease you’ll feel and the better prepared you’ll be when issues arise....

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Good Advice #2
Date : 03/15/2016

10 Pre College Tips

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Did you know....
Date : 03/10/2016

You're not going to miss home as much as you think you will.

Leading up to my departure,......

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Good Advice #1
Date : 02/10/2016

50 Tips On College Life

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