Q: How is this scholarship site different than all of the other sites out there?

A:  My Scholarship Key is a unique service that helps you find scholarships that are customized to the detailed application you submitted. We don’t simply run your information through a database and then have it spit out a bunch of computer generated matches. There’s a real person reading your application and conducting the search.

Q:  Am I guaranteed to be awarded a scholarship from the list that you provide?  

A:  We cannot make guarantees because there  are so many variables involved in the decision making and award process including the degree of competition for any given scholarship. However, you will have a better chance when using MSK because we provide a more accurate list that has been customized just for you.

Q:  Some of the websites I visited will do a search for free.  The fee you charge seems kind of expensive. Is it?

A:  Actually our fee is quite reasonable. If you do your own scholarship search you will quickly realize how much time it takes.  We search for scholarships for you so you can spend your time by applying for the scholarships or other items on your college “to do” list.   If you get one scholarship award from our list you will easily cover the subscription fee and we think you’ll do much better than that.

Q:  How many scholarship applications will I receive for the fee that I have paid?

A:  MSK has a comprehensive database which we are updating on a daily basis.  It’s impossible to say ahead of time how many leads we will generate. Again there are so many variables based on who the student is, where you live, their anticipated field of study, etc etc. That said we’ll do our utmost to give you all the leads we can.

Q:  Is there anything else that sets you apart from your competition?

A: Yes! Lots.  We are not a faceless website. You can email us, call us, have a conversation about your concerns and get some advice. Your success is our success.