My Scholarship Key is providing a unique service to assist you in the scholarship process.  Our system utilizes an integrated series of software tools which collect, assess, and rank scholarship and student data. It is our policy to provide you with the best scholarships based on the information that you provide on your application. The application is very important so that we ask you to take your time and be as thorough as possible. Potential award value considers many factors to ensure the student's effort-to-award ratio is maximized.

All subscribers private information is held confidential by our company collected by advertising our services and will only be used by My Scholarship Key, Inc. and never shared or sold.  We will also not share your information with any third party outside of our organization. Your personal information will only be used to help us provide the subscriber with the best services we can provide.

The more information provided to us the better and more accurate list we will provide to you.  It is your responsibility to apply for the scholarships that My Scholarship Key provides you.  My Scholarship Key makes no guarantee that you will be awarded a scholarship but it is our company policy to provide you with a scholarship list that best fits your application.  My Scholarship Key knows the importance that scholarships have on the rising tuition costs which is why we provide this service to help save you hours of research and time.